Sunday, May 15, 2016

Commission for Facebook

Just finished up a commission for Facebook's artist-in-residence program. 
Site-specific projects were made by 5 artists for their new office in Playa Vista.
I used cyanotype, pencil, paper and brass to create a mural that merges drawings
from my ongoing all the flowers at Lacma project with solar photograms.


The Process:

 First I visited the space to see my wall

 I took a fieldtrip to the Balonna Wetlands just west of the space for some inspiration

 Gathered sand at the closest beach

 The cyanotype is an acidic yellow when first brushed on.

Using sand to block the light in areas - the cyanotype turns 
to olive green as it soaks up some sun. 

 Each section is painted and exposed to the sun 4-5 times. 
The range of blues depends on the length of exposure, and the weather.

Washing the cyanotype in water develops and fixes the image.
It turns blue and reaches it's full range of values over about 24 hours.

I've been working on drawing all the flowers in the collection at LACMA. 
This page was drawn in the Chinese and Korean galleries.

  I blow up areas of the drawings to make the large paintings.

 Making the brass disks - my little sun mirrors - so much more work than I thought it would be!

 The disks are nailed through the piece and attach it to the wall. 

The disks are laid out in giant arches
that create a geometric structure for the whole piece.

My work is in good company with 4 other projects also just completed
by Frohawk Two Feathers, Geoff Gouveia, Chris Natrop and Sage Vaughn

Frohawk Two Feathers

 the sections laid out prior to installation

 Sage Vaughn

 Geoff Gouveia (in progress with scaffolding still up)


  1. What a great space. I love the local connections and all the details in your work!

  2. It would be wonderful if you could teach a cyanotype workshop/course at LACMA.