Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New in the Studio: All the Flowers at LACMA

About 6 months ago I began a drawing project at the LA County Museum of Art. 
Working my way through the galleries I have been recording every flower from 
every object on view with line drawings in pencil, my goal to make a book. 
At the time I was also experimenting with incorporating Cyanotype, a UV 
sensitive photo process into some abstract paintings. Since then, the 2 ideas 
have cross-pollinated yielding a series of Cyanotype paintings.



studio shot

 also working on some abstract pieces experimenting with brushstrokes of Cyanotype

 working with the sun and plant debris to expose a layer of cyanotype 

 Another exposure using sand and pebbles to block the sunlight in areas. 
A bit of rain starts the developing process.

 The sketch book of drawings from LACMA. So far I have worked in the Southeast 
Asian galleries, the Islamic Art Now exhibition, European painting, sculpture, 
porcelain and silver, ancient art of the Middle East and the Photo galleries. Just started 
in the Ab-Ex and modern areas. Since the collection has over 100,000 objects and 
flowers are by far the most common motif, I estimate it will take me at least 
another year to finish the drawings.

  Here's a few favorites from the museum so far: 




Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Announcing Edition Project in support of Material Press

hadley_jan_2016 2

2 2
Untitled, 12" x 10," cyanotype and pencil on paper, edition of 5 unique works

hadley_text 2

Hadley Holliday is based in Los Angeles where she has worked for 12 years as a teaching artist at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Alongside her abstract painting practice she recently began the project of drawing all the flowers at LACMA with a series of contour line drawings in pencil. After several months, she has made it through two-thirds of one building. She is using the drawings to generate a series of mixed-media paintings and cyanotype solar photograms using sand, burlap and plant debris from her yard.

Holliday received her MFA from CalArts and an MA in art museum education from the University of Kansas. Her paintings have been exhibited internationally, including in solo exhibitions at Taylor de Cordoba Gallery, Carl Solway Gallery and SolwayJones.

To purchase a unique Limited Edition artwork similar to the one pictured above via Paypal ($300), please click here. [Each work is unique and varies somewhat.] To view her project as well as past projects online at our MATERIAL Limited Edition Project Space, please click here. For further inquiry please contact us at