Sunday, June 24, 2012

Studio Visit with Tyler Vlahovich

I've been a big fan of Tyler Vlahovich's work for years and 
am very excited to show with him in Summer Sun 
opening July 14 at Taylor de Cordoba.

Like Magritte who made his paintings at his dining table,
Tyler works at home in Silverlake where he lives with
his wife artist Amy Sarkisian and their daughter.

Here works by father and daughter interact. I love the earthy 
iron red of the large painting and the marks which hover 
at the edge of image, writing and symbol.

At top a collaborative piece by Amy and Tyler.

We saw a bunch of great work large and small - 
check out his website for better photos!

Tyler showed us some of his sources of inspiration like these 
cave paintings found in the area of the silk road. Similarly, he
builds his paintings in sections - like writing, or a comic book.

We also talked about titles which are an interesting question 
in relation to abstraction - He showed me a book by outsider
artist Bill Traylor. This drawing from 1939 is titled 
"Exciting Event, Blue Man, Snake."

The artist with his sculpture Light Sticks
anyone else reminded of Andre Cadere?

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