Friday, June 22, 2012

Studio Visit with Pam Jorden and John Pearson

I recently visited Pamela Jorden and John Pearson 
in their fantastic new studio in downtown LA. 
Alex de Cordoba and I went to scope out their new 
work for Summer Sun, the show I'm curating for
Taylor de Cordoba opening July 14. 

 Pam showed us a variety of work from the last few years.
I really love how the different shapes and sizes play off each other.
Her mark-making is so interesting - contrasting 
soft and hard, fluid and solid.

On studio visits I like seeing the artists' process, tools and 
what reference images they have up around the studio.
I currently have the same Ellsworth Kelly exhibition guide
 on my studio bulletin board.

It seems like every artist I know has some succulents around their studio.
The next show I'd like to curate has to do with the flora an fauna of LA.

John showed us some new cyanotypes on silk.  
The process is a direct translation of sunlight into image.

John has been working at the caves of Griffith Park
gathering natural materials and exposing the cyanotypes to sunlight
for up to an hour. Similar to his videos and other photo work,
the cyanotypes are meditations on light and shadow, 
explorations of process and place.

John also showed us prints made using a variety of photo processes
such as photograms and solarization. I especially loved the image above, 
a photogram made using coins that he laid on the train tracks in 
Knoxville, Tennessee where they recently lived for a year while 
Pam was a visiting artist at UT.

 Thanks Pam and John!
I'm really excited about how the show is coming together.
Stay tuned for a studio visit with Tyler Vlahovich and 
an interview with Emily Newman who will also be 
included in Summer Sun, July 14 - August 25
at Taylor de Cordoba Gallery.

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