Thursday, October 4, 2012


I am thrilled to be included in the exhibition 

Thanks to Emily Joyce and Jessica Halonen 
for their thoughtful curation and installation. The show looks great!
Here are a few shots from the opening.

Linda Besemer's piece on the left and mine on the right

Another shot of my painting Icon with a sculpture by Mark Hagen


Emily Joyce's giant silkscreen and Jessica Mallios' video piece

 Dennis Koch's color pencil drawing alongside a poured square 
painting by me and a sculpture by Claude Collins-Stracensky

Krysten Cunningham's sculptures

Brad Tucker's stretched fabric pieces

Jessica Halonen's painting above and her sculpture below

 That same night at TAM was the opening of  
which included a dance performance

A couple highlights from the Subterraneans: Amy Sarkisian's plank piece

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